Multiple Perspectives Support Hybrid Learning Transitions

A story from The Early Learning Team

Educators are preparing for transition to a remote/hybrid learning environment with their students next week. This task can be a daunting, yet exciting adventure. Educators are feeling a lot of emotions. They are excited to reconnect with the children in their classes, yet paradoxically may be feeling a lot of uncertainty and nervousness. In continuation of the Collaborative Conversation webinars being offered to support remote learning, last week, the Early Learning Team facilitated an interactive style, small group brainstorm among teachers, to support the planning of this upcoming transition. See here for the values and beliefs teachers want to bring with them into their remote/hybrid learning environments, and how they plan to bring those beliefs to life in their classrooms.

In the nature of collaborative conversations, click here to listen in as district team teachers talk about ‘All Means All- Supporting the transition to remote/hybrid learning, where different departments come together to discuss how to best support all of our learners. Participating perspectives are Stephanie Gerber, District Consultant for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Brette Richards, Social Emotional Learning Team.

For more considerations for planning this upcoming transition, see Ministry’s Continuity of Learning Planning Guided and CASEL’s An Initial Guide to Leveraging the Power of Social Emotional Learning > As you you prepare to reopen and renew your school community