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Engaging a School Community Through Fine Arts

“It’s for the kids” is the mantra of Brandy Clevette and Jessica Balehowsky, two Rose Valley Elementary fine arts specialists, as they look to meet the needs of their students through fine arts. The pair are strong believers in the need for students to create, play, and tell stories, and feel that fine arts provide a perfect opportunity for students to experience a bit of sunshine in their week, and potentially even brighten the days of their families too. Most recently, Brandy and Jessica produced the Rose Valley School Song in an effort to engage and connect the school community. They put a challenge out to the school community to wear their RVE Rams Wear and record themselves signing a part of the RVE song.

In addition, to engaging their school community in the RVE song challenge, Brandy and Jessica have created the 'Arts at RVE' website. The main goal of the site is to provide a common place where students could create and share artistic explorations of all kinds with one another. The website was created such that there are no obligations to complete the tasks, rather, they are invitational so students can continue to create and explore fine arts at a time and space that makes sense for them. “We will be asking for students to share their explorations with us so that we can in turn share them with the WHOLE RVE COMMUNITY via picture and video tiles and mash-ups on private Youtube channels. We are all connected in this time and it is a wonderful way to share our identity and creativity in the arts! On the site, the duo have provided opportunities with multiple access points for students to: continue building their music theory skills on Mondays, engage in “The Art of Storytelling” on Wednesdays, which is a mainstay of their program, and to play some silly drama activities or create their own percussion sounds on Fun Fridays.

Here is Gracie & Emma with their take on the RVE song!

This is Beckett practicing his starts and stops with spoons!

As these two educators collaborated with one another to determine what would be the best solution for students and families, they also had their RVE colleagues in mind. As they did not want to add another thing to teachers plates, and decided the website would be the best option for them. This allows teachers to include a fine arts link on their outgoing week at a glance for families, without having to change it from week to week.

For more information on the Arts at RVE website, consider watching the overview video they prepared for parents HERE.

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