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A Frame for Being Kind to Ourselves (oh, and learning. It’s also a frame for learning).

These are strange times. I don’t think any of us fully comprehended that as we left our schools and workplaces on March 13th that we would be where we are right now. We are missing our students, our colleagues, and our “normal” routines. While we may grieve this loss, we know we are doing this for the greater good of our world. As we settle into our new, societally-necessary normal, the first invitation we’ve been given is to connect. Connect with our students, connect with our colleagues, and perhaps most overlooked, connect with ourselves. To this end, we’d like to offer up a frame that may be helpful as you work on connecting with yourself. It has been helpful for us, our families, and even in our learning design so far.

As you explore this frame, or as you move along your own journey, we know emotions will come up. And we want you to know we are in this with you. So please, reach out. Reach out to connect, reach out for support, reach out to collaborate.

A Frame for our Journey:

If this is a learning frame that speaks to you, please check out a possible template here and teacher samples here and here and here.

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