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Community Mental Health Resources

Community Mental Health Resources

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Kids Help Phone
Children and youth can phone, text or chat with a qualified listener 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 1-800-668-6868 or text 686868. Visit the website to begin a chat. The website also has an abundance of helpful resources for children and youth.

Additional Support during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Adults:    Text WELLNESS to 741741   (24/7)

Front-line workers:   Text FRONTLINE to 741741  (24/7)

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You're Not Alone is a digital crisis line that provides free emotional and crisis support for youth under the age of 30. They provide online support through both instant messaging (IM) and text messaging available every night from 6pm to 12am PST across Canada. Youth can reach them through their website or by sending a text to 778-783-0177.


Child and Youth Mental Health

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) is committed to providing services to you wherever possible. CYMH is asking that families call the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD) - Kelowna Office during CYMH intake hours (Tuesdays 9-11am and 1-3 pm Thursdays 9-11 am).  The intake administrator will put a file together based on this phone call and an intake clinician will follow-up by calling the family to do an intake over the phone.

MCFD Kelowna Office - 778-699-2272


The Foundry - Kelowna

For youth aged 12 - 24, the Foundry Kelowna is continuing to provide access to services through virtual processes.  The process to accessing service is as follows:

  • The client calls the Foundry Kelowna at 236-420-2803 and books a Virtual Appointment with the receptionist.

  • During this call, the client will be asked for a first and last name, date of birth, phone number, and email address. (The client should also let the receptionist know if he/she/they cannot access a device or internet connection.)

  • After an appointment is set, the client will receive a text notification as a reminder of the appointment. (Clients should understand that appointments are based on capacity so may not be the same day the appointment is made.)

  • At the start of the appointment, clients will receive a text message (or email if preferred) containing a link inviting them to a secure video conference.

  • The link will contain a personalized PIN to enter and the client will be asked to verify identity.

  • The video conference will begin. 

Other Foundry Services Available include:

  • Family Navigation: For caregivers and parents caring for a young person between the ages of 0-25. Contact Foundry directly at 236-420-2803 or email for referrals.

  • Youth Navigation: For youth ages 12-24 seeking assistance in navigation social services, housing resources, PWD applications, employment, and Income Assistance. Contact Foundry directly at 236-420-2803 or email

  • Primary Care: For youth ages 12-24 seeking medical attention for mental and physical concerns, medication review, or sexual health services. Contact Foundry directly to arrange an appointment at 236-420-2803​

Foundry Kelowna - 236-420-2803


SD23 Parent Resources
Other Helpul Resources

Other Helpful Resources


Government of British Columbia Mental Health Resources during COVID-19

B.C. seniors, adults, youth and frontline health care workers experiencing anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic can get help through virtual services.

To support British Columbians of all ages during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Province is expanding existing mental health programs and launching new services.

COVID-19 Wellbeing Video series

This video series provides families with practical tips and strategies for coping with the current COVID-19 crisis. There are tools for soothing emotional reactions, generating short and long-term wellbeing, staying focussed and hopeful, and keeping kids entertained. These videos were created by Dr. Hayley Watson, a leading clinical psychologist with 15 years’ experience working with children and families, and the founder of Open Parachute - an online mental health curriculum program that is being used in schools globally.

Support for Parents

This video takes you through some simple tips and tools that will support you emotionally and practically during this time of crisis.

Support for Teens (Ages 13-18)

This video provides adolescents with strategies they can use to stay calm, focussed, and motivated while everything around them is changing and uncertain.

Support for Tweens (Ages 8-12)

This video gives your children a fun task to do that will keep them busy and uplifted while they are stuck at home, while also boosting their resilience when facing challenges.

Support for Kids (Ages 4-7)

This video provides children with tools that will help them process their feelings and soothe their reactions to the uncertainty and change around them.


Discovery College - Free Information Sessions for Parents

Discovery College is for anyone and everyone who wants to gain the confidence to face life’s challenges. The courses are created to support your well-being through learning. Each course is developed and delivered in collaboration with people who have knowledge and personal experience in each topic area. This means, at Discovery College you will experience an empowering learning environment where genuine people share knowledge and practical tools.


Wellness Together Canada: Mental Health and Substance Use Support

On April 15, 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood in front of his home and declared to Canadians that they are not alone.  The federal government launched a program called Wellness Together Canada ( to provide mental health and substance use support to all Canadians suffering from the impacts of the coronavirus crisis. 
Funded by Health Canada and supported by Patty Hajdu, the federal Minister of Health, Wellness Together Canada provides an online portal that allows Canadians to access self-assessments, self-directed e-mental health tools, peer support and live counselling by telephone, video and text. 

Central Okanagan Public Schools

1040 Hollywood Road S., Kelowna, BC V1X 4N2

Phone: (250) 860-8888        Fax: (250) 870-5056


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